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CST Bodywork and Counselling

I have been in the Bristol area providing people holistic therapy since 2002. I offer CST; touch based therapy sessions great for all kinds of physical and psychological-emotional injuries and difficulties as well as Humanistic Counselling a talk based therapy which is also hugely supportive and transformative; particularly if you are feeling overwhelmed, stuck or wanting support in processing and moving forward in your life.  My clients range from newborn babies and their families, students and other young adults, adults in middle age and elders. Take a look at the services I offer, and get in touch if you would like to make an appointment or would like some further information.


Experienced Care

CST is a form of bodywork which uses a light therapeutic touch; supporting your body’s innate ability to balance, restore and heal itself, as well as helping to reduce stress and build your underlying energy.   CST is unique in its ability to treat the source of symptoms on every level, whether mental, physical or emotional. For the best results a series of treatments is recommended. 

My clients come for CST for a variety of reasons.  Some common reasons are; to treat physical injuries and problems, particularly when all else has failed.  When feeling the effects of stress, overwhelm and a feeling that life's demands are too much. Feeling anxious and the many difficulties associated with that.  Working through the affects of shock or trauma; such as dissociation, depersonalisation or hypervigilance. 

In addition, mothers and babies often come for problems associated with difficult or traumatic births. Letting go of tension and fear held in the body enables both to settle into calmness.

Other clients come for low energy states and if they are "struggling" in some way and need a bit of help and others as a way of maintaining their state of Health, addressing any potential issues before they become chronic problems.

Whatever brings you, I will be welcoming in and 'working with' all of  you as this is  a holistic practice. The therapeutic effects of CST may be felt throughout the whole body, mind and emotions. 

My intention is to respond to the needs of each individual and this includes Biodynamic CST and where appropriate fascial unwinding, pre and peri-natal work, the use of shock and trauma skills and TRe.


A Happier, Healthier You

We live in a culture that promotes the idea of strong, powerful individuals who live picture perfect lives. There is little room for showing our vulnerability, or our need for connection. There is a cultural expectation that when things are difficult for us we should just 'get over it' and not make a fuss, this might manifest in you as the feeling of  "I should be able to manage by myself", "what's wrong with me", or "there's people worse off than me", "why is this so hard" and so on!

We all need support sometimes. We may be lucky enough to have family, friends and colleagues we can talk to. And sometimes, for reasons that as yet may be unclear to you,  that's not enough.

Talking to a trained professional, having a confidential space to talk things through can make all the difference. And, counselling is also so much more than that!  Together, as I earn your trust, we build an authentic therapeutic relationship which is the holding pot for you to explore your inner and outer world and how the two are relating.​

I have been very happy to walk alongside people in this process from all walks of life and with all kinds of 'stuff'. As well as private practice I have experience of working as a counsellor with several agencies, including Bristol Mind's mental health counselling service Meeting Minds. In addition to my work as a craniosacral therapist and postgrad trainings in treatment of trauma,  I am confident to work with whatever you need to bring to counselling.

I offer open-ended counselling; which essentially means you can come for as long, or as short a time, as feels helpful for you. I work with students, young adults, adults in middle age and adults entering into third age and elders.  

​I have particular interest in how it is to be human in these times, to release safely the after affects of shock and trauma that so many of us carry; this and other ways that enable us to re-connect to our potential, to re-embody and to feel the joy of being alive.

If you are thinking of taking the plunge and looking for some support in the form of counselling, then firstly I would like to acknowledge what a big step this might be for you and to encourage you to get in touch, ask questions, and see if there is a time and place that will work for us.



Guiding You On the Path of Self-Healing

Perhaps you're down or anxious - maybe you're unsure about the future, or have trouble in relationship, or just feel that you aren't living the life you were meant to lead. Whatever your needs may be, I am here to offer support. Therapy is a process of growth and self-discovery, and in my sessions I will draw on my experience, intuition, compassion and qualifications to explore what you need and to let go of what no longer serves you. The relationship we build, the trust I earn will enable me to walk alongside you through this process ... I have the tools and professional experience to help you get back on track.



Experience You Can Count On


BACP Accredited Training.
LEVEL 5 Diploma in Professional Studies in Counselling from the University of West of England. (3 year training involving extensive experiential and personal therapy, this makes a difference!)


Diploma from the Karuna Institue, Devon. Accredited by the Bristish Psychological Society.


Diploma from the Institute of Craniosacral Studies, an accredited course with the Craniosacral Therapy Association of the UK.


I have post grad training from Karuna Institute, SOS Internationale Peter Levine’s school of Somatic Experiencing and in TRe (Trauma Releasing exercises). In addition I have studied and explored in depth the approaches of working with trauma of Peter Levine, Basel van de Kolk and Babette Rothschild. Including a Treating Trauma Master Series with NICABM.




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